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Haven volunteers play a variety of roles in our organization.  Volunteer training is free and the assignments below are numbered to indicate the various levels of training needed.  The higher numbers are the jobs that require the most preparation.  We hope this chart will help volunteers to decide which roles they would like to fill.


The Haven welcomes church and civic groups as well as employees of companies to volunteer to complete special projects.  To learn more about opportunities for groups, email Brittany Clayborne at

Volunteers will help with various projects throughout the year, such as seasonal decorations for the Shelter, Christmas Adopt-a-Family, and the March Shamrock Soiree.

Volunteers will help to spread awareness of the Haven’s mission by supporting fundraising events, special outreach activities, and other community events, such as seasonal farmers’ markets.

Volunteers will ensure the health and safety of program participants at the Shelter, by ensuring the interior and exterior of the Shelter is free of any debris or any other hazardous objects, ensure that equipment is in working order, manage the inventory at the Shelter, and provide light maintenance when necessary.

Volunteer coaches will help Haven clients refine their skills in areas important to gaining independence and moving forward; examples include job searching, resume writing, money management, and computer use.

Volunteers who enjoy working with children of all ages and backgrounds will provide supervision and engage the children in crafts and other activities while the parents are attending a support group or keeping appointments that the children cannot attend.

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At the Shoppe for Haven’s Sake, volunteers will work with the Thrift Shop staff to process incoming donations, tag and display items for sale, and assist customers with purchases.

Volunteers are needed to support the functions of the Haven’s administrative office by helping the staff with mail, telephones, copying, faxing, and data entry.

Volunteers are needed to provide meals to program participants during scheduled support groups. By providing dinner, volunteers assist program participants in attending a support group which can be an important step in their healing process.

Volunteer facilitators will use their compassion, empathy, and understanding of the effects of trauma to plan support group discussions and activities and to facilitate group meetings.

CSSC volunteers work at the Shelter, answering hotline calls, providing supportive services to residents, and helping the Shelter staff with other tasks as needed; all Shelter functions are aimed at helping residents achieve their individual goals.

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