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The Northern Neck Sexual Violence Prevention Coalition (NNSVPC) is committed to the prevention of sexual violence in the Northern Neck and Essex County.  As part of our commitment, the NNSVPC educates individuals in our community on best and promising practices in sexual violence prevention and collaborates with organizations in our community to promote healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, and other protective factors for sexual violence prevention.

No individual alone can end sexual violence, but no organization alone can end sexual violence either.  Sexual violence prevention is a community responsibility.  We have the responsibility to foster individuals in our community who value empathy, equality, and nonviolence.  We also have the responsibility to foster organizations in our community that reflect and support said values.

Starfish Project 


One Sunday morning, while attending the Unitarian Universalist Church in White Stone, Diana Jamison noticed that her bulletin had a green dot on it. She was puzzled and learned at the end of the service that she and nine others were being given $100 with the challenge to make a difference in the life of another.


Jamison’s head began to spin. What could she do? “How could I make this money multiply?” Jamison asked herself. “How could I be creative? How could I use my talent to create a product, perform a service, and get others excited about helping to make a difference?”


And she thought about the starfish story:


A small child was on the beach one day after a big storm. As far as the eye could see, starfish lined the shore’s edge. From a distance, it looked as if the child were dancing. As a man walking down the beach approached the child, he saw that the child, in her dance, was throwing a starfish into the ocean. When he got close enough to speak, he asked the child, “What are you doing?” The child said, “I am saving the lives of all these starfish that if left upon the beach, will surely die.” The man, looking up and down the shore, shook his head and said, “You cannot save all these starfish. There are so many you cannot possibly make a difference.” The child persisted, picked up another starfish, tossed in it into the ocean, and said, “I made a difference to that one.”

Jamison asked herself what kind of difference she could make. “What person or organization do I want to support with my efforts and these funds,” Jamison asked. “As I began to ponder these questions, it seemed to me that the world would be a better place if there was less violence, less of people hurting people.”


Project Starfish emerged. She began making papier-mâché earrings in her studio to raise funds for The Haven. She sold them to friends, friends of friends, and at farmers markets for $15 per pair.

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