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As Christmas approaches, we ask that you remember The Haven Shelter & Services in your holiday plans. While shopping for gifts for friends and love ones, please consider setting aside part of your budget to help The Haven make Christmas great for the families we serve. 

How does it work?

Families in need complete a wish list that includes their interests, hobbies, and likes as well as other suggestions for gifts so adopters can have a variety of items from which to select item(s). You will be provided with your family’s wish list, as well as a family number. You can choose if you would like to adopt a single individual, a large family, or something in-between. It is entirely at your discretion which gifts you select to purchase. However, we encourage donors to buy at least 5 of the items from each child's wishlist and be creative when selecting each gift. Additionally, we are trying something new this year and asking adopters to donate gift cards (Walmart, VISA, gas cards, etc.) for the parent/guardian of the family.

**We need your help to spread Christmas cheer!**
We've matched all of our donors to families for our Adopt A Family program. However, we will be getting more calls from families in need as we get closer to Christmas. We need more donors to serve as "on-call" Santa's helpers. 
Once we receive a wishlist matching your criteria (family size, etc.) we will send you the list to begin shopping. You can drop off items unwrapped in black trash bags marked with their family numbers between December 5th-9th.


Lastly, please read the following guidelines for our Adopt-a-Family Program:

  • Please do not include any religious materials with your donations, unless requested.

  • Do not donate used or opened items, all gifts must be NEW and UNOPENED.

  • Please make sure items are age appropriate (For example, any requests for video games rated M or movies rated R should not be bought).

  • Movies, games, etc. depicting violence goes against the mission of The Haven and should not be bought.

Sounds awesome! How can I get involved?

If you wish to be a part of our Christmas Adopt-A-Family program, please sign up below. Fill out the form below, indicating the number of families and age groups you would like to adopt, and submit by October 31, 2022.


You will receive information for your specific family, including their wish list and delivery deadline for gifts. Please do not provide the gifts wrapped, but if possible, donate wrapping paper for the family to wrap their children's gifts.


What if I don’t feel comfortable shopping for families?

That’s completely okay! If you are unable to shop but would like to provide a donation to help make this Christmas a little brighter for the families we serve, we would be more than happy to do the shopping for you!


If you should have any questions, please call LaToya Bunns-Bea at (804) 333-1099 or


Please read and fill out the form below:

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